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What is the BodyTalk System?

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What is a Distance Session and How    and Why does it work?

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Free Skype consultation, contact me on Skype: anto75uk, tell me about your issues, physical, emotional, spiritual, what you would like to heal and transform and change and discover how I can help you!



Some of the conditions in which BodyTalk has had excellent results are:

•Back Pain
•Sports Injuries
•Sports Performance
•Emotional Disorders
•Learning Disorders
•Digestive Disorders
•Endocrine Disorders   
•Chronic Fatigue
And many others, contact me to discuss how the BodyTalk System can help you with your issues


The BodyTalk System

      My mission

Antonella Ercolani CBP (Certified BodyTalk Practitioner)

I am dedicated to bringing you the very best in energy medicine for Your Health, Healing and Well Being, Physical, Emotional, and Psychological and also tools to help you chart and change your path.

is a revolutionary healthcare system of energy medicine that helps your body operate as nature intended.BodyTalk restores these lines of communication and when this happens your body has the amazing ability to heal itself very quickly




"I've been feeling sharper mentally, good energy
I've been doing the Kousmine method to deal with MS, which has allowed me to avoid taking any drugs for more than 5 years now, with no relapses. Anyway, traveling around to courses and eating strange food hasn't been the best, but I haven't had any drastic consequences yet. One thing I am happy about is that all this traveling and not sleeping and eating junk hasn't made me lose motor control, which is what would have happened a few months ago. Some days I have heavy legs, but they get better with Reciprocals. It's got to be the BT sessions!"



Antonella, thank you so much for your 3 sessions of Bodytalk. 
Even though you are in Europe and I live in Hawaii, I could feel you tuning in to me for each session.
I have a long health history including chronic fatigue and immune imbalance in my 20's for 9 years and more recently depression and brain function issues and chronic thirst. Although its hard to say what specific shift relate to Bodytalk, all the links felt intuitively on target.
My chronic thirst has resolved which was my primary concern and reason for contacting you, nothing in the body can work well dehydrated.  Prior to your sessions I would drink lots of water and it just went though straight to the bladder and out without quenching my thirst ... very hard to address that without something like bodytalk. 
I've also noticed that some food sensitivities have resolved (garlic used to make me thirsty, peanut butter meant a trip to the toilet 20 minutes later  - both resolved), and respiratory allergies seem less. 
You did a vivaxis times 3 to a large room - which happens to be the room I live and sleep in which is beautiful....but does feel hard to orient and settle into for some reason, so that link was welcome.  And lastly, the link with a definition of saddness to, unburdening, to individuation felt very on target.  "Love makes me sad" and teary has been up for me for 2 years - it became a really out of balanced reaction and has been one of the things my homeopath used to select a remedy for me which I was taking regularly.  I now feel intuitively that it is no longer needed. 
Many thanks, I have no doubt these 3 sessions have been deeply healing.  Even my interest in spirituality has rekindled.  Before it felt like I had lost my curiosity for realizing what is really ultimately true here.  Inquiry and a desire for meditation have returned. 

Much Aloha from Hawaii, Sam McKinley CBP and Nurse Practitioner (APRN)

Cool stuff.
I have always been a pancreas, liver kind of guy in chineses medicine so to me you are really in tune, and the doctors wanted me to have a liver biopsy years ago and suspected that I had a fatty liver, so for you to tune in and figure all that out remotely is nothing short of astounding.
I went to bed last night at 9pm and slept until 9am this morning and that is unusual for me.
So thanks so much for the work that you have done and continue to do.

Jimmy Mack
Clearwater Florida USA

Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner


Famous Testimonial for the BodyTalk System


Annika Sorenstam, famous golfer, she was told by her BodyTalker that the problems in her hip were because of things that went on in her personal life. It turns out it was a mental thing that made her fragile in a physical way.                                                                                                                                                         Thanks to BodyTalk, Annika is now back swinging her clubs the way she wants.
• "They used a new therapy called 'BodyTalk' and told me I probably got the problems
in my hip because of the things I've gone through in my personal life. It was a mental
thing that made me fragile in a physical way. All was fine after September. I can
swing the clubs like I want now."

Annika Sorenstam


Una bellissima testimonianza da Olga Chernenko dalla Russia:

Ho avuto circa 10 sessioni di BodyTalk con Antonella e ho ricevuto più risultati di quelli che mi aspettavo .
Avevo mal di cuore, insonnia e mi facevano male gli occhi. Già da 2 mesi non ho più questi problemi.
Ma durante il lavoro di Antonella le ho detto che ho difficoltà nelle pratiche spirituali perchè non ho niente visualizzazione. Chiudo gli occhi e non vedo nulla, buio completo. Prima facevo esercizi per sviluppare questa capacità ma senza risultato.
Un giorno Antonella ha lavorato sul mio terzo occhio e dopo questo giorno situazione è cambiata molto! Quando chiudo gli occhi adesso vedo diverse figure, colori, ornamenti... Credo che a base di questo potrò sviluppare visualizzazione. Che meraviglia - dopo una sessione il problema su cui lavoro da tanti anni è cominciato a risolversi!
E ancora una cosa meravigliosa. Antonella mi ha detto che lei ha tagliato la connessione energetica inutile con il mio lavoro precedente. Non credevo che posso avere qualche connessione con il mio lavoro perchè non ci lavoro quasi da un anno.
Recentamente ho incontrato la mia ex capa e lei mi ha detto che i ragazzi con cui lavoravo chiedono se lei mi vede, come sto e se visito loro? Mi sono meravigliata tanto! Sembra che la connessione di cui parlava Antonella esistiva veramente.

In generale dopo il lavoro di Antonella mi sento più calma e più decisa di prima. Da parte di corpo ho notato che quando mi sveglio la mattina non ho quasi blefaredema, anche se da sempre avevo gli occhi gonfiati la mattina. Sento anche leggerezza nei movimenti e sentimenti. Sono cambiata in modo positivo anche se difficile riconoscere tutto. Sento che respiro liberamente e ho fiducia alla vita!


From Bitwine a few more Testimonials and Reviews:

Antonella is a very gifted healer and energy worker. I just had another Bodytalk session with her and feel much calmer and better in general. The specific concerns I feel are also being worked on. She helps me to improve my life and to see things clearly! Highly recommend!!! I have been working with her for several months now and I can see tremendous improvements in my LIFE! Highly recommend!!! Hip? What hip? lol It does not bother me anymore! Thank you so very, berry, merry, much :



Another very solid reading! She tells you a lot of details describing people feelings and situations. Things I personally know are true! Thank you!



Antonella is straight to the point and picked up on core things in my life....she is energetically able to connect to people....thank you x



More Testimonials on BodyTalk here


Bodytalk System alternative energy medicine sessions

Scientific Studies on the BodyTalk System


Here you can find an abstract of a Distant Healing Study done by the Centre for Biofield Science in Pune on the effectiveness of Distant Healing with BodyTalk along with some Thermal and Bio Contrast and Gas Discharge picture


Here is another study published on the Journal of Pain Management that shows a 71% improvement or disappearance of chronic pain with distant sessions, compared with the 30% improvement of the placebo control group