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What is the BodyTalk System?

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What is a Distance Session and How    and Why does it work?

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Free Skype consultation, contact me on Skype: anto75uk, tell me about your issues, physical, emotional, spiritual, what you would like to heal and transform and change and discover how I can help you!



The BodyTalk System

      My mission

Antonella Ercolani CBP (Certified BodyTalk Practitioner)

I am dedicated to bringing you the very best in energy medicine for Your Health, Healing and Well Being, Physical, Emotional, and Psychological and also tools to help you chart and change your path.

is a revolutionary healthcare system of energy medicine that helps your body operate as nature intended.BodyTalk restores these lines of communication and when this happens your body has the amazing ability to heal itself very quickly

Bodytalk System alternative energy medicine sessions

     Antonella Ercolani

    Certified  Bodytalk  Practitioner &   RPT Rapid Personal Transformation Level 1 & 2















Here I am with the Founder of the BodyTalk System, John Veltheim

at a BodyTalk Course in the UK


My name is Antonella Ercolani. I have been interested in working with energy all my life and I have studied and practiced various methods, among which Reiki, Psych-k, EFT, Metamorphosis and Matrix Energetics

The modalities that I have found are the most remarkable have been BodyTalk System and RPT (for more info on RPT please check out my other website:

I have studied BodyTalk, which I use in my practice for the depth of detail it can go to and the great results
Under the direction of the Innate Wisdom of your body other techniques I have studied may be used in the session if the need arises.

Everyone has their path and their preferences in healing as in anything else, but I truly feel and know from my feedback that BodyTalk and RPT are among the most advanced healing modalities available on the planet today.


Some of the seminars I have taken in my learning journey:

BodyTalk System
Module 1, 2, (now called BodyTalk Fundamentals)
Modules 3, 4/7, 6, 9,
Chinese Medicine for BodyTalkers,
Advanced Mindscape,

BodyTalk Interactive,
PaRama Unit 1,
PaRama Unit 1 Practical,
PaRama Unit 2
I am currently enrolled in the PaRama College, which involves the study and research of the latest advancements in BodyTalk

Other Modalities I have studied that may come up in sessions under the direction of the Innate Wisdom include:


RPT Level 1


RPT Level 2






Metamorphic Technique


Aura and Chakra Cleansing


Tarot and Psychic Readings


Matrix Energetics Level 1 and 2


I can be contacted at always on Skype as Anto75uk, Whatsapp +39 392 2106543 (Whatsapp is not always on) and on

















Take care of your health and well-being!